Israel's war cabinet minister pledges to resign if there is no post-war plan for Gaza.

By Mursaleen Qasir 2 months ago

Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz has threatened to resign unless Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu establishes a post-conflict plan for the Gaza Strip. Mr Gantz set a June 8 deadline for the plan to meet six "strategic goals", including ending Hamas rule in Gaza and several civilian countries establishing governance for the local "If you put the state above the private, you will have partners in the conflict."," he said he said. "But when you choose the path of the extremists and lead the whole country into the abyss, we are forced to give up government."

Mr Netanyahu dismissed the comments as a "whitewash" that would mean "defeat for Israel".

The growing political division over the direction of the conflict comes as fighting rages on both ends of the Gaza Strip, where Israeli forces have seized Hamas fighters pushing back into one of Gaza’s historic refugee camps and an area that the Israeli army previously claimed was near Gaza. Another member of the war cabinet, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, urged Mr. Netanyahu to declare publicly that Israel had no plans to adopt civilian-military rule in Gaza, Mr. Gantz said.
Mr. Gallant said he had raised the issue repeatedly for months but had received no response.

He and Mr. Gantz argue that maintaining military control in Gaza poses a serious security threat to Israel, while others believe that maintaining control is necessary to defeat Hamas, which is ruled by Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition including members of the far right. "The Israelis are watching you," Mr Gantz told Mr Netanyahu in a televised speech on Saturday. "You have to choose between Zionism and cynicism, solidarity and sectarianism, accountability and lawlessness, success and disaster," he said. His six-point plan also included the return of all Israeli and foreign hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza and the return of displaced Palestinian civilians arrive in northern Gaza before Sept. 1. He added that Israel continues to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia Try to "a comprehensive process of collusion with the free world and the West against Iran and its' allies."

Responding to the speech, Mr. Netanyahu said that meeting Mr. Gantz's demands would "end the war and defeat Israel, release most of the hostages, leave Hamas intact and create a Palestinian state." established. , and after the capture of the hostages, an Israeli war council was formed. The Israeli military campaign against Hamas in Gaza has killed 35,386 people, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. According to Israeli media, the country’s army chief, Herji Halevi, also privately pressed Mr Netanyahu on the need for a “day-after” policy.

In recent days, Israeli forces have returned to areas of northern Gaza previously declared Hamas-free, raising doubts about the government’s approach to eliminating the group, Mr Halevi said, without any diplomatic agenda to form a governing body other than Hamas Mr. Gantz. being forced to campaign repeatedly, offered an American, European, Arab and Palestinian administration to manage public affairs in Gaza, and lay the groundwork for a new future administration He added that Israel could maintain some “security control” " until then."

In Jabalia, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported clashes with armed Palestinian groups. Palestinian doctors said one Israeli rocket killed 15. Hamas said dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds injured in Israeli "brutal attacks" in Jabalia. On Sunday evening, Israel issued a new evacuation order from parts of northern Gaza, citing rockets fired by armed groups. Last week, Israel began operations in the southern city of Rafah, citing the need to enter the city to target the last remaining Hamas stronghold.

Airstrikes were launched on Sunday against targets in the eastern part of the city. Philippe Lazzarini, head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said some 800,000 Palestinians had fled Rafah and found shelter in the ruined Khan Younis or near the coast He stressed that since the outbreak of war in Gaza, Palestinians have been under pressure have caused them to flee repeatedly in search of protection, which they have not yet found |. He said every time people left, they showed up without access or safe protection and were forced to leave behind mattresses, tents, cooking utensils, and basic items that they couldn’t take or take with them.

Lazzarin also dismissed claims that Gazans could move to "safe" or "humanitarian" areas, saying it posed a serious threat to civilian lives, Jake Sullivan, President Biden's national security adviser, will travel to Israel on Sunday and spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu He is and is expected to reiterate his opposition to the regime. Sullivan is also in talks with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Saudi media have reported that they have discussed ways to increase support for Gaza and achieve a Palestinian state.

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