We ll need universal basic income AI godfather

By Mursaleen Qasir 2 months ago

Computer scientist regarded as the “godfather of artificial intelligence” says the government will need to set up a universal special fund to tackle AI’s impact on inequality Professor Geoffrey Hinton told BBC Newsnight that offering a fixed amount per citizen would require adjustments to benefits because “ . he wanted AI”. “I consulted people in Downing Street and advised them that universal income was a good idea,” he said. He said that while he believes AI will increase productivity and wealth, the money will primarily help the rich “not people who have lost their jobs, and that would be very bad for society.

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Professor Hinton is considered a pioneer in the field of neural networks, which form the theoretical foundation for the current rise of artificial intelligence. He worked at Google until last year but left the tech giant to speak out about the dangers of unregulated AI. Under the concept of universal basic income, the government provides a fixed wage to all individuals, regardless of their income. Critics say it would be too expensive, would divert money from public services, and might not reduce poverty effectively.

A government spokesman said there were "no plans to implement a universal special currency." Professor Hinton reiterated his concerns about looming threats to human life. He said recent developments show that governments are reluctant to regulate the use of AI in the military, and that there is a risk that technology companies will not prioritize safety due to agility. There is a possibility.

This could pose an "extinction level threat" to humans as "we may have created an intelligence that is superior to biological intelligence... This worries us deeply Professor Hinton also revealed that AI could "evolve" and develop a boost to us." replicate itself autonomously, taking control He said there is already evidence that large models of language, that the AI ​​algorithm for writing, one of a kind, chose to be deceptive.

He expressed concern about the recent use of AI to generate military targets, stating that he is most worried about the potential for AI to autonomously make decisions to kill people. He suggested the need for regulations similar to the Geneva Conventions to govern the military use of AI, but acknowledged that this may not happen until after unfortunate events occur. When asked about the West's competition with autocracies like Russia and China in the military use of AI, he mentioned that Russia and China are investing significant resources in AI research, but he believes the West is currently ahead. However, he anticipates a race in terms of military applications of AI and proposes a prohibition on such use as a better solution.


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